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Credit Counseling Crib is where the thugs hang. It is also the universal source for debt management and counseling information and resources. Come see what we are all about. Step into the Crib, B.

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When the pimp's in tha crib, drop it like it's hot!

- Snoop Dogg

Need debt advice from the Crib and start living large

Listening to the profound, scintillating lyrics of Snoop Dogg and his counterparts does not necessarily conjure up images of debt consolidation and the like, but maybe it should. It's hardly a big stretch. Whether you're living paycheck to paycheck, or rolling through the 'hood in the new Benz E-class, you need sage financial advice in order to get the most out of your money. Running up huge debts is how your credit rating deteriorates, making a credit counseling service a vital resource in keeping you on track.

Whether you've already experienced a fall from grace, or are looking to stem potential credit problems before they worsen, you have come to the right place. The pimp is officially in the Credit Counseling Crib, and he will show you the way to live the high life without endangering your financial livelihood. Say goodbye to your debt, and say hello to late nights full of Tangueray and Mary Jane. By Mary Jane, we mean the cute redhead next door, of course. Mmm... Yeah...

Credit counseling will keep your debt in check

Green. Scrill. Ca$h. Bling. That's what it all comes down to here at the Credit Counseling Crib. Our number one goal? To swing by the Seven-11 for a pack of Kool menthols and some Old English malt liquor, then kick it on the stoop of the Crib and get faded. Our number two goal? Waxing and taxing some fine ladies, if there are any around. Our number three goal? Helping you steer clear of the perils of debt, thanks to our advice. It's all part of our commitment to greatness.

Our professionals have specialized in credit counseling for over 10 years, many of which they have spent at least partially conscious. All to bring you the most comprehensive resources and information relating to credit consolidation, debt management and so much more. When you step into the Crib, you will be entitled to the best financial advice and personalized consultations around. Plus, a number of other things to make your stay memorable. Here's a look at what you can expect.

  1. Savings of at least 33 percent, and as much as 57 percent, on your overall outstanding debt.
  2. Customized plans for your personal situation, to help you become and remain debt free.
  3. Specialized programs such as non-profit, mortgage and/or Christian credit counseling.
  4. Complete financial independence in just 3-5 years, while going the same road to a debt-free life on your own could take you 10-20.
  5. A two-month supply of quality beverages from Boone's Farm, or a stolen DVD player, whichever you prefer**.

** - This is a limited time offer when getting debt counseling! While supplies last!

The last meal, or word, from the Credit Counseling Crib

Well, G, my pager just went off, so it's about time to wrap this page up. We're about to bounce, but feel free to keep exploring our site, and contact a representative through our Related Resources pages if you need any more information. Anyway, we hope this brief dissertation from the Crib's professionals was helpful. So let's sum up:

The Crib. Not just any crib. The Credit Counseling Crib. Word to your mother.

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